Hearing Men’s Voices and Tefillin: Inspiring the Daily Tefillin Wrap

By now each Club should have a committee to plan, coordinate and publicize this year’s event and, if not already done, complete registration on the FJMC website (as required to qualify for a Quality Club Award).

Programming Goal
Design and implement programming to promote the daily mitzvah of tefillin use – emphasizing the deeply personal aspects of wrapping tefillin – a meaningful way to experience “first thoughts” of the day and reflection on our connection to God via prayer. Tefillin can be a powerful source of comfort and for coping with family illness, loss of a loved one and the infinite challenges of everyday life.

The HMV Format

Hearing Men’s Voices sessions are an ideal way to inspire the mitzvah of daily tefillin wrapping.

A primary resource is the tefillin lesson plan from the HMV publication “Listening to God’s Voice.”


Tefillin Lesson Plan
Download PDF

to God’s Voice
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Tefillin 101

An extraordinary resource; an in-depth 5 lesson course authored by Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields, Executive Director of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, our World Wide Wrap partner.

Tefillin 101

Ideally, each club will hold two HMV morning sessions (e.g. one in December and one in January) with a culminating session on 2/11/24 following morning minyan.

Zoom Guidelines
If you are conducting your World Wide Wrap virtually, be sure to plan for the cyber security of your event.  See this link for some tips